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Welcome to FarmSoft Studios! Located in the rolling hills of Hillsboro, Wisconsin, our goal as a company is to create quality web sites that are completely W3C standards-compliant, stunning graphics that make your company's identity stand out, and usability that will flex to users in all walks of life. We love paying attention to detail, while making products that our clients are completely satisfied with. Please Contact Us for more details on how we can serve your needs.

FarmSoft Studios Graphic Design & Web Design; Inspiration. Diligence. Excellence. The Art of Design.
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What the media won’t tell you about Heartbleed

An excellent article from one of the developers at OpenSSL.

I stand in awe of their talent and dedication, that of Stephen Henson in particular. It takes nerves of steel to work for many years on hundreds of thousands of lines of very complex code, with every line of code you touch visible to the world, knowing that code is used by banks, firewalls, weapons systems, web sites, smart phones, industry, government, everywhere. Knowing that you’ll be ignored and unappreciated until something goes wrong. The combination of the personality to handle that kind of pressure with the relevant technical skills and experience to effectively work on such software is a rare commodity, and those who have it are likely to already be a valued, well-rewarded, and jealously guarded resource of some company or worthy cause. For those reasons OpenSSL will always be undermanned, but the present situation can and should be improved.

Please read it and pass it on.

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Resetting your Ghost Blog password

Didn’t set up Mailgun in your Ghost blog, and lost your password? Hmm. A little bit of fancy-footwork, and we can be back up and running in no time.


You’ll need to reset the password in the SQLite DB by manually inserting a new hash into the DB.

  • Get access to your DB from the console, or through a gui tool if you have it.
  • If you are going through the console, CD to your ghost webroot, (the DB is under content/data/) and then type: sqlite3 ghost.db
  • Generate a temporary BCrypt hash (Find a generator online. I used this one:
  • Or just use this hash which is for “password”: $2a$10$BQToDNdBtBKCvnrTmMi5m.NK.7i6Qx7YASs.jTkE86I5zqxzE8klC
  • Type UPDATE users SET password='<<PASTE_HASH_HERE>>' WHERE email = '<<YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS>>'
  • Type .exit to exit sqlite3
  • Log into your blog, and change your password to something secure.
  • Set up an email service at Mailgun as detailed here:
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The Christian’s Daily Challenge App

Introducing my first iOS app, Harvey Christian Publisher’s “The Christian’s Daily Challenge” devotional. Start out with the right day’s devotional, and if you upgrade to the full version, you can search, add favorites, share devotionals, and support Harvey Christian Publishers.

Check it out here:

App Store:

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Apple App Rejection

So it has been quite a ride, developing my first shipping iOS application.  Last week, I submitted my binary for review for the first time, and was impressed at the speed that they reviewed it.  Unfortunately, it was rejected.  Since I am shipping a free app that you can upgrade by purchasing, I am using their In-App Purchasing API.  (IAP API. Confused yet?  So am I.)  Apparently, I didn’t read the docs well enough, and a “Restore Purchases” button is REQUIRED for the app to be accepted.  Since I didn’t implement that button, they rejected the app.  Fine.  I didn’t read the fine print, and I got bit.  My real beef is the way that you implement this in code:

[[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] restoreCompletedTransactions];

Simple enough; except that I cannot seem to get a response from that call. I get the username prompt, and then nothing else. I never receive an error or a notification that the transaction was completed.

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VMWare VSPP Usage Calculator

So, the company that I work for recently moved to VMWare’s VSPP licensing platform, and since I got tired of always looking up how many hours were in a particular month to send the usage report into the iAsset portal, I wrote this little utility.

I hope you find it useful!

VMWare VSPP Usage Calculator

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